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When is the best time to see the Fall 2020 colors in Morgantown, WV?

The Best Time to See Fall 2020 Colors in Monongalia County, WV

Autumn has always been a wonderful time of year. Crisp temperatures, warm campfires, and fall festivals brighten the mood as the days get shorter. One of our favorite fall activities is finding a good trail to hike and seeing the leaves change color. But, as you know, the window for optimal sightseeing is different every year and only lasts a few weeks.

So, here’s when you can go out and see the fall colors around Morgantown, WV in 2020.

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Best Time to See the Fall 2020 Colors near Morgantown, WV

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As of October 1, 2020, the best time to see autumn colors is…RIGHT NOW! The West Virginia Division of Forestry says the prime leaf-peeping time in Monongalia County is early October. Colors should last into mid-October and then fall off (literally) at the end of October. The WV tourism board and WV Division of Forestry have a live map showing all the optimal times to go out and see the colors. It color-codes each West Virginian county.

How to Tell Which Colors Belong to Which Trees?

Leaves turn different colors depending on the tree they belong to. For instance, Ash and Birch turn yellow, as does Hickory and Walnut. Hawthorn, Maple, and Sycamore leaves can be different shades at the same time, like orange and red. Some don’t change color at all, like Magnolia or Umbrella Holly. And then, there’s Oak, the tree whose leaves turn every color, from red, to orange, to yellow, to brown and everything in-between. The WV Forestry board has a great infographic that breaks down trees by species and colors for those interested.

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