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What’s the difference between the Kona and the Venue?

Hyundai Kona vs Hyundai Venue: The 4 Big Differences

Let’s not waste any time.

Here are 4 big differences between the 2021 Hyundai Kona and the 2021 Hyundai Venue.

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Major Differences

Both the Hyundai Kona and the Hyundai Venue are excellent vehicles, but they have a few differences that might make you choose one over the other. Those differences are:

  • AWD Availability
  • Starting Price
  • Fuel Economy
  • Cargo Space

AWD Availability

If you’re looking for a vehicle with AWD, then the 2021 Hyundai Kona is the only choice here. Every 2021 Kona comes standard with FWD, but that can be switched out for AWD on every model. On the other hand, the 2021 Hyundai Venue only comes in FWD, no matter the trim.

Winner: Kona

Starting Price

The 2021 Hyundai Venue is very affordable. The base model starts at just $18,750. The top-tier Denim trim starts at $22,050, well below the $25k mark. The 2021 Hyundai Kona, while also affordable, still costs more. Its base SE FWD trim starts at $20,400 and its top-tier Ultimate AWD trim goes for $29,450, over $7,000 more than the Venue.

Winner: Venue

Fuel Economy

The 2021 Venue is smaller than the 2021 Kona and gets better gas mileage as a result. It averages 30-city/33-highway mpg. The base 2021 Kona engine tops out at 27-city/33-highway. The turbo engine Kona gets up to 28-city/32-highway mpg.

Winner: Venue

Cargo Space

If you need your vehicle to be able to haul as much stuff as possible, then the 2021 Kona is the way to go. The 2021 Kona has 19.2 cu-ft of space when the rear seats are in place, but 45.8 cu-ft when the second row is folded down. The 2021 Venue has 18.7 cu-ft behind the rear seats and 31.9 cu-ft with the second row folded down.

Winner: Kona

Want to Know More?

For more 2021 Kona or 2021 Venue info, give Weimer Hyundai a call. We can go over any questions you have. And don’t forget to check out the financing specials to make sure you’re getting the best deal on a new Hyundai.