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What is the Hyundai 8-speed wet dual clutch transmission?

The Hyundai Eight-Speed N Wet Dual-Clutch Transmission: What It Is & How It Works

There are many more types of transmissions than there used to be. Originally, it was just the manual transmission. Now there’s the automatic, the dual-clutch, and the continuously-variable ones, too. Today, we’ll be looking at the dual-clutch transmission. Specifically, the new “Wet” dual-clutch transmission from Hyundai.

What is the Hyundai eight-speed N Wet dual-clutch transmission?

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What is the N Eight-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission?

Like other dual-clutch transmissions (DCTs), the N Wet DCT can be used as either a manual or a fully-automatic transmission, depending on the driver’s preference. Where it differs from a regular DCT is the “wet” part. The N Wet DCT uses oil to improve transmission lubrication and cooling, both of which help significantly increase performance, for the transmission itself and the vehicle overall.

So, I Don’t Have to Shift a DCT?

Not unless you want to. The beauty of DCTs (like the eight-speed N Wet DCT) is that it works both as a manual transmission via paddle shifters behind the steering wheel or like an automatic where you simply put it in Drive and press the gas pedal. You can switch between modes on the fly. No matter which you prefer, you will get quick and precise upshifts and downshifts. DCTs are actually the most efficient automatic transmissions out there, so if you have the opportunity to include one a vehicle, we highly recommend doing so.

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