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How to extend the Hyundai Blue Link remote start timer?

Hyundai Blue Link Remote Start User Guide

Many Hyundai owners around the internet have been lamenting the 10-minute limit on the Hyundai Blue Link remote start timer. Yet there are no definitive answers on those forums. Today, we dived into the official Hyundai Blue Link manual to find the answers.

Is there a way to extend the Hyundai Blue Link remote start times?

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Can I Extend the Remote Start on my Hyundai?

The maximum runtime Hyundai Blue Link remote start is 10 minutes. There is currently no way to perform an extension of that time. Hyundai owners with Blue Link may restart the vehicle as many times as they like, though. This can be done manually with the Blue Link mobile app and from the MyHyundai webpage. Those with Amazon Alexa enabled can simply use voice commands to start/restart their Hyundai as well.

What Makes Remote Start Turn Off?

Other than the timer running out, there are three other things that will automatically shut off the engine.

  • Brake is pressed without proximity key inside the vehicle
  • Alarm is triggered without proximity key inside the vehicle
  • Door/trunk is opened from inside the vehicle

What Will Stop Remote Start from Working?

Blue Link remote start

Other than poor cellular service, there are multiple preconditions that must be met for remote start to work. Those preconditions are:

  • Ignition must be OFF
  • Alarm is armed via Remote Door Lock
  • Gearshift is in the Park (P) position
  • Brake pedal is not depressed
  • Engine hood is closed
  • All doors are closed and locked
  • The liftgate or trunk is closed
  • The security/panic system is not activated
  • Proximity key isn’t inside the vehicle
  • Battery power is adequate
  • Vehicle is in an open area with good cell reception
  • It has been less than 4 days since last vehicle ignition off
  • Vehicle is not connected to a charger

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