Here at Weimer Hyundai of Morgantown, we know that taking good care of their vehicles is important to our Morgantown, WV customers. We're also aware that sometimes life gets busy, making it hard to keep up with routine maintenance. Missing a service appointment now and then isn't the end of the world, but there are some issues that require immediate attention. One of these is an overheating engine. Any of these reasons your engine may be overheating could lead to expensive repairs.

If your coolant is low or empty, you're risking an engine blowout. You should also know that consistently leaking fluid is a sign that should be addressed right away. Sometimes your thermostat could get stuck in the open or closed position, making it unable to regulate proper temperature.

Does your engine get hot when idling? This is a sign of a broken fan. Finally, your engine depends on the radiator to cool it down. If it is damaged or clogged, the radiator can't push coolant through the engine.

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